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Take a Tour of my Room in College

Take a tour of my room in college for design tips, DIY projects, and more!

When I moved off to college, I was super excited to decorate my room. My room back home had been the same since we first moved into that house so since I was in third grade. Yep, third grade. I know what you’re thinking, there is no way a third grader’s room could possibly look like a high schooler’s room. But, my mom did a pretty good job of designing it so that it could work for me all those years. Still, my style had changed and I was ready for new scenery.

Finding My Style

I headed over to Pinterest and began trying to find “my style”. Having never actually decorated a room before, I had no idea what my style was and I changed my mind constantly. After days scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, I decided my style was cozy with a touch of boho and minimalism. There is probably a better way to explain that, but I’m going to let the pictures do all the talking!

This is my bed with a white fringe Urban Outfitters duvet cover and matching pillows. A tapestry and shelf with plants is also featured in the photo

My Sleeping Corner

Even though I knew what I wanted my room to look like, my budget was not cooperating so off to the clearance section I went! I knew I wanted a tapestry to cover the bland walls and that I wanted plum to be one of my colors, but I was not expecting it to be so hard to find a plum tapestry I liked and that was in my price range. Thankfully, I was able to find one from Urban Outfitters that was on sale! While I was in the sale section, I also found my duvet and matching pillow covers!

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The Hexagon Shelves

I had just gotten two of the most important decorations for my room and I could feel it coming together already. I had one more aspect that I really wanted in my room. On Pinterest (because where else do I spend my time? ), I had found these adorable hexagon shelves and I desperately wanted some. My hopes died when I went to buy them and learned that they were $20-$30 per shelf. So what did I do? I went back to trusty ole Pinterest to see if anyone had DIYed these shelves and sure enough, they had. My hopes were rising again!

There was one problem though – I had never used power tools. I talked to my dad about how I wanted these shelves and I wanted to save money by making them, but I needed lots of help. My dad, who works in finance, was just excited I was looking to save money and gladly agreed to help.

Hexagon shelves holding jewelry, hanging hats, a shelf with shoes, a makeup vanity, and more make up my beauty corner

We headed to the store to get the wood then went home to put the shelves together. The DIY I found on Pinterest made it look so simple. Just cut the wood, nail it together, stain it and voila! My dad and I didn’t quite have the right tools, or the experience, but hey, we made it work!

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After hours spent trying to get the edges to touch so we could get a nail through, then trying to hold it together the rest of the way with wood glue, we finally finished. I stained them, screwed hooks in, and attached lace with cute little owl pins. It was the perfect addition to my newly styled room and the perfect way to organize all of my jewelry. My necklaces and bracelets are on the hooks and my earrings hang in the lace (another idea I got from, you guessed it, Pinterest).

I absolutely love them! Just don’t look at them too closely because they are a little wonky. But, once you get it stained and hang all the jewelry, you can barely even notice! The best part is all six only cost me around $20!

The Rest of My Beauty Corner

Now let’s talk about my shoes… I might have a problem. I have a ton of shoes, but I wear them all so that makes it okay, right? The closets here simply do not have enough room to fit all of my shoes, so I once again called on my dad. I asked him if he could make a bookshelf, well more like a shoe-shelf. I also got this idea off of Pinterest. Sensing a theme here?

Not only are the closets a little smaller, but the lighting in the bathroom is horrible. I knew that if I ever tried doing my makeup in that lighting, it would not go well. Since I had a little extra space in my room, I decided to create a little vanity. It fits so well in my room and I’m happy to now have good lighting for makeup. It really is a life changer!

The Details

I really wanted to feel cozy in my new room, so I added plants, candles, and my salt lamp. The succulents are fake because I’m sure I would kill real ones. Sometimes I will buy flowers from the grocery store to add a little more green to my room. I get the cheapest ones available! I got a lot of my other decorations, like my bed sheets, curtains, and desk lamp, from Target. They will usually have a sale around the time school starts, so look out for it!

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When designing a new room, it’s important to have a good idea of what you want it to look like and what you want the vibe to be. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your room look nice. Try DIYing some of your decorations and don’t be afraid to ask your parents for help. They are about to send their kid off to college, they would be happy for this bonding experience while you are still home. I have absolutely loved my room this past year and I hope that you will love yours just as much!

I don’t only use my Pinterest for design inspo, there’s also college tips, study tips, money-saving tips, and much more! Check it out here!


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