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How to Choose the Type of Study Abroad Program

Don't know which study abroad program is right for you? Read this post to figure it out!

Making your study abroad dreams a reality doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, and although it can be overwhelming, I’m here to simplify it for you! 

Once you’ve figured out where study abroad courses could fit into your degree plan, you need to choose what type of program you want. Texas A&M, as well as the majority of universities, offers three main programs: Faculty-led, Exchange, and Transfer Credit. They also offer Intern/Research/Volunteer programs and Short-Group Trips. Since those are a little different than true study abroad programs, we will just focus on the first three.

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Faculty-led Programs

The majority of big universities offer Faculty-led programs. Through these, you will travel abroad with professors and students from your university and you will take courses that are offered at your university. This is a great program for those who might not have room in their degree plan for study abroad courses.

If the thought of going abroad alone scares you, this program is a good option. While with the other programs you are never truly alone, they require much more independence than Faculty-led programs. The only downside to Faculty-led programs is that they have very limited locations and might not go every semester. Check with your school and study abroad department to see what Faculty-led programs they offer!

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Exchange Program

The next program you could choose is an Exchange program. You will directly enroll in the foreign school of your choice where you will learn side by side with students from that country. Your university will have a relationship set up with the foreign institution so that you pay your university’s tuition to study abroad. Depending on the tuition at your university, this could be one of the cheapest options. This program will immerse you in the culture and requires the most independence. If you are looking to dive right into a foreign country, this program could be the one for you.

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Transfer Credit Program

The program I chose was Transfer Credit. If you choose this, you will have to find a study abroad company to travel with, like API (who I went with). I wanted a little more independence than the Faculty-led programs, but not all of the independence that comes with exchange programs.  Thankfully, Transfer Credit programs are right in between. I get to choose where I’m going and what I will be studying, and I will have a lot of independence once I am in Grenoble, France. I will also be able to meet students from all around America instead of taking classes with the same people from my university. 

Even though Transfer Credit Programs give you a lot of independence, you are never alone. Study abroad companies often have advisors and directors on site in the host country. If anything ever goes wrong or if you’re just missing home, they are there for you. It’s a nice balance of independence and support. Plus, the company provides excursions to different locations throughout France. There is no way I could travel that much without the help of the study abroad company!

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Another advantage of choosing a Transfer Credit program is the huge variety of locations. You can find a program to just about anywhere. Each company offers similar locations – they usually all have the same countries and big cities, but sometimes differ on smaller cities.

Since I chose a Transfer Credit program, my next steps were to figure out where I wanted to go and which company I wanted to go with. These two decisions seem easy, but they took me forever to figure out. With a little soul searching and help from a former study abroad student, I was able to make my decision on both.

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