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How to Get a 4.0 GPA Using Your Syllabus

Yes, I'm talking about that packet you get the first day of school. Let me show you how your syllabus is your step by step guide to getting a 4.0 GPA!

Your syllabus is your lifeline and I’m not even exaggerating. To all the professors who stick to the syllabus, you are, and will always be, my favorites. The rest of you, WWHHHYYYY?!?! Anyways, a syllabus might be real boring, but if you follow these tips it’ll be real helpful.


The syllabus holds the key to getting an A and should be (practically) worshiped. I’m not kidding on this one. From the weights of each test to how each assignment will be graded, your syllabus has the answer. Be sure to read AND HIGHLIGHT the important information about grades so later on you can quickly find it and remind yourself how you’re going to Get. That. A!

Exams, Papers, and Projects

Speaking of grades, what will you be graded on this semester? Your syllabus holds all the juicy details (okay, maybe that aren’t that juicy) to each exam, paper, and project you’ll be preparing for. Get an understanding of what your semester holds by reading (or skimming let’s be honest here) all about your assignments. 

Attendance Policy

Dear professors who take attendance,

I understand, I really do, but c’mon do you have to??

Sincerely, Your “spreads herself too thin and sometimes just needs a nap” student

Double check the attendance policy in the syllabus! No one wants to get a letter grade lower just because they didn’t go to class. And don’t forget to check how much it’s worth. Your attendance could also save your grade at the end of the semester.


I have a slight love affair with planners. Like I’m literally obsessed. Even if you don’t idolize planners like I do, it’s still super important to know all the due dates and test dates. And guess what! Yep, they’re all in your syllabus. So highlight ‘em, write ‘em down, and do whatever else you want to make sure you NEVER miss an important date!

Extra Credit

Professors who offer extra credit are actually angels in disguise. True fact, I didn’t make it up at all. The extra credit policy in the syllabus will either be the highlight or the worst part. Whichever it is, make sure you’re familiar with it so you 1) get the extra credit done on time or 2) know that you have to do well enough without any!


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What did you do with your syllabus? Let me know in the comments below!


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