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How to Easily Apply for Study Abroad

Ready to apply to study abroad? I've got all the tips you need to make it a breeze!

Many students dream of studying abroad, but not all of them actually do. It can be a long process and a lot of work to study abroad, but it is all worth it in the end! Check out my Five Steps to Help You Apply for Study Abroad to make the process as smooth as possible.

There are many questions to answer prior to applying for study abroad. Before you apply, you should know how your study abroad trip will fit into your degree plan, the type of program, the location, and, if doing a Transfer Credit program, the study abroad company. Once you know all of this, you are ready to apply! This is the easiest step because there are few decisions to be made and the application process has step by step instructions.

If you are doing a Faculty-Led or Exchange program, your application process may be a little different from mine, but these tips can still be helpful! With a Transfer Credit program, you will most likely need to apply to study abroad with your school and with the study abroad company. Here are a few of my tips to make the application process a little easier. 

Gather any Necessary Documents

There will probably be lots of documents to be read and signed. Gather all of these as soon as possible, print them out, and put them in a folder. You’ll quickly have a love/hate relationship with this folder so beware. In addition to your application documents, don’t forget about your passport! If you already have one, check the expiration date because you may need to renew it.

Plan One Day to get Everything Signed

For my study abroad application with my university, I needed to get a packet signed by two different department advisors and the dean. I took one day to make all the necessary appointments and get it done. Afterward, I was able to turn it into the study abroad office. It was a long day on campus, but it was nice to have it all over within one day!

Communicate with Your Advisors

Your advisors are there to help you so be sure to utilize them. I am constantly sending emails to my department advisor (he really should get paid more for dealing with me), my school’s study abroad advisor, and API’s study abroad advisor. They are there to help you and will happily answer any questions you have!

Set Deadlines for Yourself

Both the school and study abroad company have deadlines for all of the paperwork. However, the deadline for me is the end of the summer. I get busy during the semester, so I planned to get all of the paperwork done before school starts. It’s really helpful to get it all done early. That way, you won’t have to stress about it and can focus on other things, like school work or scholarships.

Stay Organized

Don’t miss out on your study abroad adventure because you lost a paper or missed a deadline! Get that folder I mentioned earlier and store all of your paperwork in that. Then write down all the important due dates and the deadlines you set for yourself in a planner. Last, but not least, make a checklist of each thing you need to do during the application process. Not only does this keep you organized, but crossing an item off the list always feels good!

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