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Documenting Your Time Abroad: The Top 5 Tips

Are you studying abroad soon? Learn how to document your time abroad with this post!

Have I mentioned that I studied abroad and that I’m obsessed with it? So obsessed that I did my best to document every moment. I know, I’m that crazy person. But now I have tons of ways to look back fondly on the best 4 months of my life. Here are my 5 tips of documenting your time abroad:

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1. Journal

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I wrote so much in my journal that I had to get a new one half way through my semester. It fun to look back and read all the big and little moments that made my semester so magical. From what I ate to dinner to the late night adventures in a new city, I’m so thankful I have all those memories written down.

2. Notes App

While I love my journal, I wasn’t the best at actually writing in it and I think I spent more time catching up than anything. What I ended up doing was making little bullet notes on my phone about what happened that day, especially if we were traveling and doing a lot of sightseeing that day. I would usually transfer those into my journal later on, but if you want to keep your “journal” in notes form on your phone or computer, then go for it!

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3. Pictures

Take too many pictures. Take pictures of the little things like your room, the streets, the school, your classrooms, your friends when they aren’t looking, your lunch, the river, everything. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of my everyday life there, but I guess that means I just have to go back and do it all again, oh well!

If you want to get a camera, I’d highly recommend a small, easy to use camera. But, your phone will also work perfectly.

4. Instagram

Another way I documented my time abroad was with Instagram stories. So basically I was that annoying girl for 4 months but honestly, those stories were for me so I’m not really sorry. I would take little pictures and videos throughout my day. It’s fun to go back and look at them because it very quickly gives me a snapshot into that day and all the memories come flooding back. Okay, I’m crying now but it’s fine.

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5. Blog

Last, but certainly not least, create a blog! It doesn’t even have to be fancy and, ya know, you don’t even have to tell anyone about it if you don’t want to. It can be your own little thing. Or you can share your stories with the world. Go big or go small, whatever you’re feeling! It’s a great way to but all your memories together nicely and you can access it anywhere.


How are you planning to document your time abroad? Let me know in the comments below!



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