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Campus Resources You Need to Take Advantage Of

As a college student, it's so important to take advantage of college resources and college discounts! Check out my college tips and more here!

While being a college student may drain your bank account and require multiple all-nighters, there are a few perks. Campuses have tons of resources for students to help make your life a little easier. A lot of these resources are free, but even if they aren’t they will be majorly discounted. My list of campus resources may vary a little from university to university, so be sure to check out your university’s website.

Career Center

Do you have absolutely no idea what career you want? Join the club! (Update: I think I’ve figured it out, maybe). Thankfully, the career center exists. At the career center, you can talk to an advisor about career options and get help to land that dream job. They will look over your resume and cover letter, hold mock interviews, and help you find internships and jobs. I’ve been a few times to get help with my resume, cover letter, and internship search and I would definitely recommend stopping by!

Writing Center

I don’t know about you, but essays slightly stress me out. I’ve come up with a helpful guide for writing essays (which you can check out here), but I know I’m not a pro writer by any means. That’s why, every time I have an essay to write, I stop by the writing center. They can help you at any step in the writing process and always give great advice to improve your essay.

I always do my own work, but I am terrified of getting accused of plagiarism so I use Grammarly when writing my essay. Grammarly has a plagiarism checker so I know I haven’t plagiarized in my essay, even accidentally. Then, I use the writing center to ensure each of my citations are formatted correctly because APA and MLA can get confusing.

The writing center will even help with public speaking and presentations. If the writing center isn’t in your life, you’re doing college all wrong!


Libraries should be your best friend in college. Not only are they a great place to study, but they have so many resources right at your fingertips. You can borrow media equipment, movies, music, and obviously books.

A lot of libraries will have textbooks on reserve which means that instead of buying a textbook, you can just read it at the library. You could also scan each page and make it an e-book or scan each page and print it out. You may need some extra time for all the scanning, but I know many people who have done it.

The libraries also have databases for your research projects, someone to help with your research, technology, media, free tutoring and more. Take some time to explore your library’s website to see what they offer.

Academic Success Center

If you go to the library to study, but you have no idea how to actually study, consider stopping by the academic success center. I went my freshman year right when school started and it was incredibly helpful. I got to meet with an advisor who gave me tips for successful studying. Between her tips and a little trial and error of my own, I was able to come up with these study tips for a 4.0 GPA.

Academic Advisor

After you get some studying tips, head over to your academic advisor to be sure your schedule and everything else is in order. Last semester, I met with my academic advisor almost every other week. He is so helpful! I came into college with a lot of hours so I have to plan my schedule carefully to make sure I’m getting all my requirements completed on time.

My academic advisor has also helped me with planning out my life. I want to do an internship and study abroad and be an honors student, but I had no idea how to fit all of that into my schedule! You should meet with your academic advisor at least twice a semester, even if it’s just to say hi. Build a good relationship with your advisor, they can force you into a class, write a great recommendation letter, or even give you career advice. 

The Study Abroad Office

If you are even remotely thinking about studying abroad, stop by the study abroad office and talk with an advisor. When I first started looking into studying abroad, I had no idea where to even start. I was literally wandering around the World Wide Web like a chicken with its head cut off. Try to imagine that for a moment. Anyways, I talked to an advisor and he talked me through the basics of how everything works. While they can’t help you make decisions about where to go or what company to go with, they can help you understand what might be best for you. If you need help on making decisions for your study abroad adventure, check out these posts:

The study abroad office does more than just help students with studying abroad. They can also take your passport picture and get you a passport. It’s so much easier to do this on campus rather than driving to a big city and waiting in line.

The IT Department

If you’re a college student, there is a good chance you have a computer. If you have a computer, you’re going to need some software which can be expensive. Thankfully, the IT department has discounts for you! While you are in college and you can get these discounts, get every free or discounted software available. This is your time, take advantage of it! They can also help you when your computer decides to jump off the counter at 10 pm the day before the first day of school. Been there, done that. 

Student Health Services

Here at Texas A&M, our campus clinic is called Beutel. I went there once when I had these weird bug bites on my leg and it was only $5. They obviously offer doctors appointments for when you are sick or hurt, but they also have many other services like dial-a-nurse for non-emergency health questions, nutrition services, and more.

Student Counseling Services

College is stressful. There’s no doubt about that. When you mix in a part-time job and organizations with all your school work, it can be downright overwhelming. Thankfully, the Student Counseling Services can help you with any kind of counseling you need. Mental health is important so take care of your mind!!

Group Specific Resource Centers

If you need help with something more specific, see if your university has a specific resource center for you. More likely than not, they will have something for you and it will be free or at least discounted. Texas A&M has a women’s resource center, international student services, disability services, and more.

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Have you ever used these resources on your campus? Are there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!


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