About Me

So who is this Carlee girl anyways?

I’m glad you asked! My name is Carlee Hebert and I’m a senior Telecommunication Media Studies major at Texas A&M. I have a bad habit of reading a book in a day and looking at plane tickets I can’t afford. I will talk a lot about when I studied abroad because, wow such an amazing and life-changing experience. (P.S. share your study abroad stories with me using #TheStudyAbroadWorld).

When I’m not talking about studying abroad, I’ll be talking about how to get your life together. I’ve almost got it together (I still hit the snooze button 10 times) so I’ll be sharing everything I do know! Whether it’s college academics, college living, studying abroad, or just lifestyle posts, I’ve got it all for you!


Why is this called “In Carlee’s World”? Isn’t that a little, like, self-centered?

OMG girl no, it’s actually a pretty funny story! Back in the day, I was the sassiest little girl. One day, my mom told me to put my toys away and I, of course, told her “No!”. So, my grandpa tried to tell me to put my toys away. Well, being the sass master I was, I turned around and said, “Well, in Carlee’s world…” And thus, I give you this blog. I mean just look at that pose and monochrome pink outfit? What was I, part of the mini mean girls’ clique?